The Calm Before the Dream Soap Bar Bar Soap JazzyBird Soaps

The Calm Before the Dream

Inspired by “Dreamflower” by Tarika Blue

The Calm Before the Dream is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of utter relaxation and peaceful rejuvenation. Our special blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint fragrance and essential oils (FO/EO) creates a dynamic synergy that not only promotes a clean and refreshed environment, but may aid in relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

So go ahead and put on “Dreamflower” by Tarika Blue or your favorite chill song , take a hot shower, close your eyes, soothe your mind, and transport yourself to tranquility…… Surrender to the calm.

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Rose in the Dark (Clarity & Calm) Soap Bars Bar Soap JazzyBird Soaps

Rose in the Dark (Clarity & Calm)

Inspired by “Rose in the Dark” by Cleo Sol

Just like a rose in the dark, let your inner light shine through the cracks, fueled by belief in oneself, others, and a greater purpose. Blossom against all odds.

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Sophisticated Lady Candle (Wooden Wick) Candles JazzyBird Soaps

Sophisticated Lady (Wooden Wick Candle)

1. Adjective

An embodiment of grace, intelligence, and timeless elegance, where refinement is not merely a style, but a way of being. Like a candle flame, she exudes an aura of grace, warmth, and a gentle flicker of elegance that lights up any room with her presence.

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